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The Internet is developing rapidly, and today most companies already have their own websites. However, not only companies, but also private individuals providing one or another service. Having an Internet resource is rather a necessity. But if you still wonder why you need a website, I have prepared a new article for you. In it, I will tell you in detail what tasks he will help to solve. Statistics state that on average, every person spends at least 3 hours on the Internet every day. This is if he is not talking about those who are connected with him by work. Considering such data, companies began to react accordingly and conduct business via the Internet.

The website is a tool that helps the company’s employees and managers in their work. If you post documents, tasks, reports and other information on the site, the company’s managers will have the opportunity to access the necessary information from anywhere in the world, where there is a computer and an Internet connection. And employees located in different offices will have access to general corporate information. Naturally, access to information must be controlled and managed with the help of a special rights control system.

The main stages of development

  • 01 Getting to know your business
  • 02 Analysis: brief + specifications + prototypes
  • 03 Visualization: creating a website design
  • 04 Site layout + mobile adaptive
  • 05 Functional development: programming
  • 06 Quality control: testing
  • 07 Hosting and publishing

Examples of sites created by LengMeng

How to start the development of a corporate website?

Determine the goals and objectives of the project
Create an accurate portrait of your potential client
Identify your competitors
Highlight the key features of your company
Choose a corporate website developer

Reviews of our work


Благодарю веб студию Lengmeng за идеально выполненный заказ. Все мои пожелания были учтены, получены удобные инструкции, практичные советы, с момента постановки задания и до сдачи в работу - всего несколько дней. Осталась очень довольна)


Advantages of our web studio

01 /

Четкость в выполнении поставленной задачи

02 /

Своевременное создание площадки

03 /

Креативный подход к каждому проекту

04 /

Эксклюзивно разработанный дизайн

05 /

Удобную функциональность

06 /


Goals that the site will help to achieve in 2022

Of course, the main and main goal in business and for a site that helps you create an ego is profit. But there are no less important goals, the achievement of which will have a positive effect on the development of your company.

Effective online sales. This type of activity will definitely bring income to its owner and increase turnover. In addition, you can quickly become popular and recognizable among your clients.

Work with partners. Successful cooperation with partners will allow you to adjust all the processes of online trade. A corporate website is very important for this purpose. Thanks to partner cooperation, you can enter not only the domestic market, but also the foreign one.

The site will allow you to successfully interact with your employees. The corporate project will solve issues related to establishing relationships with structural units in your company. Your employees will be able to easily solve business issues and tasks of your company, adjust business processes and find mutual understanding within the office.

Company image. Of course, the site can create and maintain the image of your company. Make your site professional and users will pay attention to you. The image can be a great tool for organizing advertising campaigns, raffles and promotions.

Establishing strong relationships with customers. The site opens up opportunities for successful communication with the company’s clients. The user has the opportunity to get complete information about your company, establish a communication channel with managers, write a review about the purchased product or read the opinion of other customers about the products that interested him. Your site can be a great tool for marketing research. This will help you develop your business strategy and develop your ego in the right direction.

Technology stack

Технологии - это иструмент, который может положительно влиять на ваш бизнес.

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