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Development and development of ecommerce projects

Online stores help to scale the business, expand the target audience and attract more customers. It is a powerful tool for empowering a company. Modern websites look simple, stylish, functional. We offer comprehensive development from idea to launch and support.

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Development of B2C/B2B online stores

We develop online stores for business based on current trends. We use high-quality technologies, we introduce individual tools that help companies effectively sell goods and services.

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Development of wholesale B2B systems

Large portals for the B2B sphere allow you to expand your audience and effectively interact with partners. We develop customized solutions that help automate sales and improve business processes.

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Online store redesign

We improve the existing Internet resource, based on current trends and requirements. The redesign is not only about visual design, but also about improving usability, functionality, and features. We give modern sites.

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Online store audit

We develop a clear action plan for your online store, help determine the strategy for the development and scaling of the company. The analysis is based on the collection of data on competitors, target audience, business specifics.

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Technical support

We introduce new services, create individual tools to optimize workflows and improve performance. Online stores should work quickly and error-free. We help you achieve this.

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Launch and support

We create a set of events to increase brand awareness, attract a new audience and increase sales. Specialists conduct a detailed analysis, on the basis of which a marketing plan is developed and implemented in the company.

Examples of mobile applications created by LengMeng

Benefits of developing an online store from scratch by LengMeng

Launch and support

We work on a turnkey basis
We conclude a contract for the provision of services and sign the terms of reference
We fix estimates and budget, guarantee the result
We hide nothing from the customer

We hide nothing from the customer

Understanding development
We draw a high-quality selling design
We train the customer's staff to work with the project
There is always a choice between a ready-made CMS and a completely custom solution
Projects easily scale from a young startup to 50,000 visitors per day

Projects easily scale from a young startup to 50,000 visitors per day

Understanding development
Experienced developers work on projects
At all stages, the project is accompanied by a manager who is ready to report for every hour spent
You can contact our customers and get feedback

You can contact our customers and get feedback

No hidden fees
Don't waste time and money
We do not leave without support
We do not inflate estimates and budget

Functional IT tool for efficient work in e-commerce


Индивидуально разработанный функционал и mobile first design


Собирают необходимые данные для работы с правильной монетизацией клиентов


Обладают высокой безопасностью и скоростью загрузки


Легко маштабируются, интегрируются с любыми CRM/ERP системами и API сторонних ресурсов


Удобный и интуитивно понятный интерфейс управления сайтом

Technology stack

Technology is a tool that can positively impact your business.

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