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Why do you need website design?

Website design is of great importance in the process of its promotion and promotion. The first contact of the visitor with the site is based on the visual perception of the page. If the appearance of the site is pleasant and interesting, then the user will stay here and want to learn more about the content of the web resource.

Website design and its quality design is an indicator of the company’s image, an expression of its attitude towards potential customers. If the site looks beautiful and original, then it is important for its owner to make a good impression on visitors, and he is interested in your attention and appreciation.

Website design development should be carried out according to special rules. Using modern technologies, you can create a high-quality website, neatly and beautifully designed, pleasing to the eye. As for the basics, it is important to take into account the weight of graphic files, because with a high weight, the graphics of the site pages will take a long time to load, and this will negatively affect the traffic of the resource. Not every user will want to wait several minutes for the page to fully load. It is highly likely that he will leave the site before he has time to familiarize himself with the content.

In addition, when designing, it is necessary to correctly combine colors, monitor the color balance, correctly select the proportions, lighting and volume of graphic elements. The design of the site should be developed taking into account the subject and goals of the functioning of the web resource. Also, do not forget to take into account the characteristics of the target audience.

Ordering a design from us - you will receive:

Design that will help the company stand out

To make the site as targeted as possible, we carefully work out the graphic elements of the pages, make personal icons, fonts, diagrams, photos.

Information forethought

When developing a design, we pay great attention to its informational reasonableness - the convenience of working with the site as a tool. Before starting work on the design, we carry out the preparatory work very carefully, carefully and thoughtfully discussing all the details with the client.

Working on every little detail

We will think over what effect you need to get from the site, develop a beautiful and modern design and do not forget about the convenience of the site. We will not rest until every little thing works like clockwork. Functionality in web design is consistent with its originality

High conversion rate

When creating a design, we always keep in mind the target audience for which the site is being developed. That is why our design brings profit to our customers.


The use of special technologies and our own technological solutions allows us to make a website that will be equally well displayed on desktop computers and all mobile devices.


Design examples created by LengMeng Rockstar

Benefits of developing a portal from scratch

Creating a website design is one of the most time-consuming processes in its development. No matter what anyone says, design plays a leading role. When we go to the site, the first thing we see is a picture, that is, a design. Visual perception is triggered, and our user attitude also depends on what it will be. And this happens everywhere.



At this stage, the customer tells how he wants to see the completed result, what his wishes and requirements are. Basically, the initial consultation is free of charge, so that you can be convinced of our competence, and we can convince you of the quality and speed of our company.



A brief is a questionnaire with questions that is sent to the customer so that he describes in detail what kind of site he represents, what he wants to see on the site and what results he expects. For a web studio, the questionnaire allows you to understand what it is offered to work on and whether it will be able to complete such a project, taking into account all the client’s requests.

Benefits: saves time later on, helps to fully understand the scope of work in order to estimate deadlines and costs, and organize further work.


Technical task

Technical task is necessary in order to correctly structure all ideas and understand what should be the result. Tell us about the direction of your organization, what goals and objectives the site should solve, what is your priority, how you want to see the design, etc.

> If there is a technical specification, the client will be able to imagine how his site will look like in the future, what the resource will consist of and what work will be done on. At the end of the creation, you can compare the result with the originally discussed one and check the quality of the developed platform.

> For a web studio, this is a well-defined and well-thought-out plan, which often serves as a base during the construction of the site.


Design layout

The first thing that a visitor immediately draws to is the design. It is very important to make a good impression, because it will depend on whether the client wants to make a purchase, or leave the site without spending even a minute on it. Flashy colors that do not match with each other, illogical design and uncomfortable movement around the site will definitely not play into your hands.




Speaking in plain language, at this stage, the specialist makes a working draft of the site from a ready-made design. The key task facing the layout designer is to make an adaptive site, that is, to ensure the correct display of all site elements on any device and browser.


Work on the software part

This stage is the most responsible and expensive in the whole project. When the site has already been designed, the design and layout are ready, it remains to combine all the parts into a single whole – to program.

What does a specialist do?

> Provides high site loading speed

> Resource visibility by search engines

> Provides the functionality of a content management system

> Creates site security


Placing content on the site

There is a full filling of the web resource. Placed: photos, videos, texts, descriptions, and other pre-prepared information intended for the client. If you are interested in further promotion of the site, then do not forget about SEO optimized articles. The specialist also places graphic elements on the right pages and places, after which the next, final step takes place.


Checking for bugs

Without competent testing it is impossible to determine the quality of the site. A fully finished site is analyzed for performance. The tester checks the resource for possible errors when it is created. If there are any shortcomings, the team immediately proceeds to eliminate them.

After the completion of the site, the company transfers the finished resource to the customer. There is a little training, where they tell how to work with the admin panel and independently publish content, place products, create pages, and so on.

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