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Selling Landing

What is a selling landing?

A one-page website created for the purpose of selling a product or service is called a selling landing page.

The sales scheme is very simple, because the client sees an advertisement that is relevant to him on the Internet, clicks on the link and goes to the landing page, where he analyzes the quality of the service offered, and then performs the target action, that is, makes a purchase. When creating a website, it is important to study all aspects related to your site in order to increase sales efficiency.

4 important rules

  1. Study the needs of your target audience
  2. Create a high-quality and most importantly in-demand product
  3. Make a high-quality landing page and convince the target audience to buy the product
  4. Make sure you get a steady flow of targeted traffic to your website

Selling landing page structure:

It is important to divide the landing page into thematic blocks.

There is a basic site structure, but you can change the content and adjust it to your needs.

  • Short offer

We can say that this is practically the only way to attract attention among the huge number of competitive offers.

What is an offer?

In simple words, these are all the benefits that are provided to the client from the purchase of your product or service. It is important that you cover all the needs of the client as much as possible, find advantages in case of hesitation or objections.

The offer must be on the main screen of the landing page, as this should be the first thing the buyer sees when clicking on the link. The main task is to dispel all doubts and motivate for a further purchase.

  • Service details

In this block, tell everything you can about your product. Explain in detail how the service works: description, instructions, examples. You have to convince people to decide
purchase and provide all available information that may be of interest to the client.

  • Advantages of the offer for the client

Tell us about all the advantages that the buyer will receive when purchasing your product, draw his attention to the benefits and convenience of cooperation. It is important not only to talk about the positive aspects, but also to focus on the “pain” of the buyer. Reveal the problems that most people face, if the client recognizes himself in one of them, then he will definitely be interested in your offer.

  • FAQ

The above abbreviation stands for “Frequently Asked Questions”.

There is such a rubric for a very long time and it definitely has popularity among consumers, especially online stores use it. This block is a special reference section of the site. The main goal is to answer frequently asked questions from customers, here you can talk about possible problems or defects, reveal simple but relevant questions, for example: how to arrange delivery, pay for a service or order a website.

  • Prices and STA

When filling out this section, developers always use various psychological techniques. Very often on the landing page you can see large highlighted prices, with a crossed out and reduced price before that, bright and massive buttons with the words: “buy”, “I want!”, “register”, “download”, “create”, “order” and etc. Another constantly used manipulation technique is the shown countdown timer, with a limitation on the period of the discount.

All of the above information will significantly speed up the decision-making process by the client, while helping to skip all the formalities and forget about all doubts.

  • Reviews

An important element for persuasion is reviews. It is much easier for people to make a purchase when they see positive reviews about the product, it doesn’t matter if they are people they know or not – the main thing is that each review is accompanied by a photo of the buyer, which will significantly affect the decision of customers. According to statistics, about 90% of people are guided precisely by the presence of reviews, and it doesn’t matter if they are positive or not. In addition, people’s responses increase order conversion and trust among potential buyers.

Create a page based on a narrow target audience, do not allow templates in the text and
design, a modern landing page is not only a selling structure, but also an excellent
the ability to be remembered by the client, cause a wow effect and make them admire
your platform, while increasing the growth of sales of goods and services.

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