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Reasons for loss of site positions in the search system

Why is the site’s position in the search engine so important?

Let’s start with the fact that the place occupied by the site among the publications significantly affects its work and further promotion. That is why every owner strives to optimize the site for special requests. In general, this is a set of actions that help not only promote the site, but also take a leading position among competitors.

  • In simpler terms, your task is to get targeted traffic, that is, users who are interested in the services or products presented on your site. You can say that search engines act as intermediaries between you and customers.

How does optimization work?

When filling out the resource, it is very important to pay attention to the need to use keywords. At first glance, it may seem that this is a very simple and easy step, however, it is certain phrases, word combinations and other elements that are mainly used to search for services, goods and content on the Internet.

Search engines collect all statistics, taking into account each phrase, region, number of requests, advertising and competition. The position of the site is affected by internal and external optimization, where the first is responsible for technical indicators, and the second works on the popularization of the site itself.

How do you understand that the site’s position has fallen?

To begin with, you need to analyze search requests and indicators, you need to track their dynamics and statistics. If you have found that your indicators for all characteristics have dropped significantly, then you should urgently rehabilitate your traffic.

Reasons for the loss of positions:

  1. SEO-errors

    In cases where you have not performed technical optimization for a long time, internal problems could disrupt the operation of the resource and worsen user interaction with it. That is why it is so important to conduct a regular technical audit of the site.

  2. Poor resource loading

    Yes, yes, this can also be one of the reasons why the site fell out of the top. What could be the reason for the long loading time? The most common problem is the huge number of images, pop-ups, heavy and fancy illustrations, and videos posted on the page. Experts in this field know what needs to be controlled
    page occupancy and monitor its quality of work so that the design only plays into the hands of the site.

  3. Unsecured site

    According to statistics, sites with an insecure connection are much less likely to rank at the top than pages using a secure one. In addition, open sites do not inspire any confidence on the part of customers, and this factor directly affects behavioral factors.

  4. Website not optimized

    Many developers are aware of the importance of optimizing a resource for mobile devices, but there are those who neglect this component. If your site is still not adapted to the gadget, urgently deal with this problem: develop a separate version of the site, implement an adaptive layout, etc.

  5. Weak hosting

    Poor hosting can lead to a host of problems such as poor website loading speed, loss of search engine trust, and low server uptime.

  6. Site structure change

    Our advice to you is never change the structure of the site, because this will lead not only to a loss of traffic, but also to positions. However, if you decide to take such a step, make sure that: the pages that occupy high positions are not deleted, an update request is sent to search engines, and the pages to which the links lead remain in place.

If you notice a sharp drop in positions, traffic or loss of customers, immediately find out the reason why this could happen! There are many problems with indexing, algorithm changes and errors on the site itself, which caused losses. Conduct a regular audit of the site, and you can always keep everything under control!

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