19.01.2022 Автор: LengMeng

Web Design Rules

A modern website should not only be visually beautiful, but also convenient, functional and concise. Professional design firms follow certain rules to create an ideal working resource.

But what about creativity?

Design development with a well-thought-out plan does not mean boring and uniform. When choosing a company with which you want to cooperate in the future, pay attention to its portfolio, evaluate the approach to work. If the specialist does not recognize any rules and follows only internal impulses, we advise you to think about his competence and
awareness in this area.

There are basic rules of web design:

  • Page load speed

What is the design here? Everything is very simple, a large number of complex and fancy elements reduces the site loading speed. You need to be very careful with filling the site, because animation, widgets, videos slow down the work at times.

Not every visitor has enough time and nerves to wait until your resource is fully loaded, half will simply leave ahead of time. However, if you refuse almost all unusual graphics, interest on the part of the client may be lost, and the site will simply become another one. That’s what a professional is for.
designer, because finding the golden mean is not so easy. Therefore, the choice is yours – visualization or speed.

  • Usability

If you wanted, for example, to order a turnkey website development, you start looking for a web studio for high-quality project implementation. It seems to have found the most suitable site for your requirements. You are going to get acquainted with its services in more detail, but this is not a task, the search for the necessary information has been going on for several minutes, and getting to the right
section you could not.

The reason for all this is the poorly designed quality of movement. The most important thing is to first set up the usability of the site. With all the desire to cooperate with your studio, the client will not waste his time to figure out where the “Services” section is located, he will simply leave the page and find another one that is convenient for him.

As a result, your conversion rate will drop rapidly and the flow of customers will decrease, and your competitors will definitely thank you for this)

  • Fonts

The time has long passed when the more incomprehensible and complex the fonts were, the more relevant it was considered. In our time, it rather speaks of the bad taste and old-fashionedness of the company. Lots of effects, styles, and rainbow colors won’t play into the hands of your site.

The largest firms have long switched to simplicity and ease. On average, when creating a site, about 2-4 types of different fonts are used. At the same time, the legibility and readability of the written text is above all.

We recommend, of course, to develop your own corporate identity, which will include a set of corporate fonts – this will mark your individuality and creativity.

It should be remembered that clients always appreciate conciseness and originality in the site.

  • Color palette

The same rule applies here as with fonts – no more than 3 colors per page. When designing the site, think for yourself whether it is comfortable for you to be on the site?

Evaluate the resource with an open mind, if you experience discomfort or even irritation even for a moment, change the design immediately. You should not make a traffic light out of your site, because your task is not to lose a client, but rather to attract, create comfortable conditions and show your professionalism.

Opt for classic combinations, and don’t overdo it with your ingenuity.

For your site to be in demand, choose a single style, it is important that all components harmoniously combine with each other and draw a single picture. No need to try to load the resource as much as possible, because the more the better – it has long been out of date.

Trends change, the design also changes, if you want to always be in the top, constantly analyze and improve your site.

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