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Features of SERM and its importance for the site

SERM is aimed at managing the reputation of search engines, or, to put it simply, these are certain actions whose purpose is to maintain and further increase the image of your company, a certain product, service or brand in the eyes of potential customers.

Before buying a product, the buyer always tries to find out as much as possible about its features, pros / cons, analyzes the benefits of the acquisition and, of course, learns about the site itself and the company in which he intends to make a purchase. It is on the basis of various reviews and comments that a conclusion is made about the quality of the product.

Despite this, many business owners believe that controlling, tracking and filtering information does not make sense. Justifying this with the fact that if the product is really good, it will sell itself. However, do not forget that in our time
information, be it positive or negative, scatters instantly across the Internet.

  • The main task of SERM is to remove all negative reviews, but not just to publish something good in favor of them, but to process the information received, because managing the reputation of your company’s product is an important aspect for further promotion.

Cases when you need a SERM:

  • Black PR

A fairly common situation is when your competitors decided to get rid of a strong opponent and ordered black PR, which resulted in a negative stream of reviews that is almost impossible to stop.

  • Negative search engine

It happens that search engines, such as Google or Yandex, are simply teeming with negative reviews about your organization. Naturally, buyers will not understand their veracity, and you will not only lose many customers, but also the company’s reputation. There is a lot of falsification of information on the Internet that you have to get rid of.

Stages of work to oust the existing negative from the network:

  • Content analysis

At the first stage, a complete analysis of the top SERPs takes place to identify negative posts, parsing them into truthful and untrue ones.

  • Strategy Development

Here you can choose the reliable information that you want to convey to users. Analysis of frequent requests related to your company, which will help people and will be useful to them in learning about the product. Your goal is to maintain a positive image of the company and decide on which sites new information will be posted, which platforms are now popular and will be suitable for you.

  • Implementation

There is a complete embodiment of ideas and goals. At the final stage, all content is formed: articles, news, posts, comments, etc. are written. However, it is worth introducing everything gradually so that users can observe how your site is improving, that you are ready to listen and change.

Your main task is to show that you are ready for criticism and will do everything to lead
constructive dialogue with your users and change the concept and strategy for the better.

There are also moments when the situation is completely out of your control and here you already need to take a number of specific measures to save the reputation of the business and protect the company from harsh negativity.

Crisis SERM:

  1. Engage in the removal of all adverse information from all possible sources
  2. Drive out the negative, blocking it only with positive information.
  3. Work through all the reviews and reviews related to you.
  4. Try to be proactive and prevent possible strikes.

If your reputation has suffered from “black” news, do not despair, because SEO specialists will solve any problems that have arisen and will certainly eliminate all negative content on the Internet. Moreover, professionals will help you get new customers, which will significantly increase your sales!

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