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Site redesign features

What is a redesign?

In fact, a redesign is a complete change in the appearance of your site, the purpose of which is to increase the attractiveness of the resource. There is a complete renewal of the entire structure of the site, which implies not only a change in design, but also a modernization of the structure. Redesign is done to expand and increase the target audience and is often carried out every 3-4 years.

Such an upgrade shows customers that you are ready to develop and improve, and this, in turn, helps to increase confidence and increase interest in your company from buyers.

Site redesign steps:

1. Analysis

You need to understand what exactly on the site is interesting to customers, which pages are most often visited and what helps to increase the conversion of the site.

2. Customer’s wish

In order to find out what your buyer really wants, you do not need to climb in the comments and think out everything from the information you read there. Try to communicate directly with customers or conduct a survey – this will help you find out about all the shortcomings of your resource.

3. Competitors

Here you have to spend a lot of time for a thorough and most importantly clear study of opponents. At this stage, you need to find out as much as possible about your potential competitors: what design is present on their site, and how long ago they updated it, what catches the attention of people on the site, what is popular and what is in demand now.

This is a great way to get to know your potential customers better and get one step closer to them.

4. Corporate identity

If you want to order website development, immediately think about the corporate identity of your company. Uniqueness will help in further development, but nothing lasts forever, trends change, so do the demands of society. If you decide to change the design of the portal, then immediately proceed to the development of a new and modern style, because it fully reflects your goals and objectives.

5. Content

If you find flaws in the picture, then immediately look at the content of the page. It is very important that the content of the site fully reflects the idea of the illustrations presented. Regular content updates are very important, because the client is always looking for new and fresh information, because he wants to keep up with the times, and not follow old and no longer relevant offers.

For the recognition of your company by visitors, engage in detailed preparation of new content.

6. Submission

Do not change the entire site at once, do it gradually. Experiments are very good, but not when they are sudden and significant. Introduce new elements gradually so that your visitor can get used to them, otherwise, you will just scare him away. With this approach, you will be able to assess the reaction of customers to innovations and understand their attitude to such changes.

7. Specifications

After you have carried out such a large-scale work, it is quite possible that there will be some malfunctions in the site: incorrect layout, failures in the order processing system or in the work of forms. Engage in diagnosing the functionality of the resource and fix all the mistakes made.

8. Reaction

The process of change is quite long-term. Observe the reaction of visitors and the operation of the site as a whole. Do not be afraid to be interested in the opinion of customers, track their reactions. It is not a fact that such an upgrade will immediately go to people, it may take some time to approve the changes made to your site.
There are times when you have to completely change the design, images, or edit texts or correct the content of entire blocks. We want to note that everything is very individual.

What is the purpose of the redesign?

All owners want their playground to be noticed. It is for the visibility and accessibility of the resource that it is redesigned. It is important to give a significant role to the promotion of the site – SEO optimization.The role of a well-written text for effective development cannot be underestimated. Pay attention to your site navigation, relevant content, and page responsiveness.

All this will help to expand the reach of the audience.

There are several types of redesign: functional, visual, technical or complete, but the main thing to remember is that when choosing any of them, the emphasis is on quality and results!

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