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Website development consulting

In order to determine the importance of consulting for the site, you need to understand what this concept is and how it affects the work of the company.

In general, consulting provides assistance in the development of your website. It covers such aspects as: redesign, promotion, consultations, development of contextual advertising and much more. You can get advice on any issue related to Internet technologies.

The most important thing is that consulting is useful not only for a new site, but also for a ready-made site and will help solve many issues in order to find quick and effective solutions. After all, in order to develop a business, you need a clearly drawn up and working plan of action. It is important to rationally approach the use of available resources, and for this purpose consulting services were created.

Stages of consulting activity:

  1. Getting to know the client

    There is a complete analysis of the company: the study of the identified problem, as well as the requirements put forward by the client, the assessment of financial costs, terms of work and other aspects related to the contract.

  2. Collection of company data

    At this stage, you need to find the causes of certain problems that the company has encountered, as well as understand how well the departments within the site interact with each other.

  3. Writing a plan

    After a detailed analysis and study of the resource, a plan of further actions is prescribed, which is presented and approved by the customer.

  4. Implementation in the work of the project

    A pre-prepared draft is carried out, with phased implementation and full control.

  5. Results

    The work performed, the quality and the changes made to the site are evaluated. The advantage is that thanks to consulting, you will always have the support of specialists, and you will be able to apply their experience and knowledge without hiring them on a permanent basis! As a result, you will be able to develop the site on your own based on valuable recommendations from
    professionals, while saving your budget from considerable costs. Since no one can guarantee that all your investments in the promotion and support of the site will pay off.

We can conclude that the main goal of consulting is to make your site: profitable, in demand and popular!

Website consulting areas:

Usability audit (this type of audit is necessary even with a decrease in sales, a small number of site premises and a small visitor on the site, it is responsible for building the site, its architecture, as well as content, design, navigation, etc.)

SEO audit (includes content analysis, heading formation, is responsible for site loading speed, and it becomes necessary if your site is completely fresh and you have not yet been able to gain a significant client base, and also if the company’s sales have fallen significantly or not at all)

Analytics (there is a complete analysis of your competitors, analysis and determination of statistical data, such as: the designation of the age group, the number of pages of the site, TIC, as well as the study of the content of the site)

Cases when consulting is needed:

  1. No task setting
  2. Unsatisfactory online sales results
  3. Constant change of contractors, due to the emergence of distrust or deterioration in the quality of work
  4. Constant disputes between directors of departments, the inability to reach a common opinion
  5. The need to promote the company, generate new ideas and take a fresh look at solving problems

Consulting benefits:

  • You will be able to independently promote the site, with the help of the advice received.
  • To increase and expand the level of knowledge of the company’s specialists in the field of website promotion and analytics
  • Determine the strengths and weaknesses of the site, identify what should be emphasized, how to increase site traffic, what methods should be used to further promote the project and how to bring the resource to a leading position in the search engine, thereby increasing the client base and orders
  • Recreate a clear plan of further actions for the development of a web resource

Web resource consulting helps in developing an effective strategy for developing and promoting a business, while taking into account all the factors that affect the operation of the site. The main goal of consulting is to help you learn skills on your own to improve the visual and functional component of the site, as well as help improve SEO optimization to increase search engine rankings!

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