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What sites are available?

Nowadays, the Internet is developing so rapidly that we have only to accept its changes. If you are wondering whether to order a website for your business or whether it will work out, then our advice to you is definitely yes!

Most companies have already understood the importance of the resource, because it represents you on the Internet and thereby opens up new opportunities. Moreover, not only self-respecting companies, but also private individuals create a platform to promote their services.

  • The site opens up many opportunities and significantly improves the company’s image in the eyes of its potential customers and partners. In the absence of a website, you may not be taken seriously or simply considered an incompetent company.

Also, a huge plus is the round-the-clock operation of the resource, that is, the client can buy at any time convenient for him. There is no need to call or come to the office one more time, because you can familiarize yourself with all the details on the website.

If you analyze sites based on their functionality, design, content, and much more, you will gather a large number of varieties of web resources.

Types of sites according to their functionality:

  • Business card site

This type of resource is very small and mainly consists of several pages on the Internet. The business card provides all the most necessary information about the owner, services, goods, contact data and answers only the main questions. In fact, it is a resource available to everyone, fast, and technically simple. If you are a small company and you just want to confirm your presence on the Internet, without any hassles, this is an ideal option.

  • Internet portal

The portal is a platform larger than the previous one. A large amount of relevant information has been collected here, the resource is programmed to perform many different functions and services, including links to other pages. An important component is the availability of useful resources and clear navigation. On the same page, you can view: news, mail, read articles, and so on. Summing up, we can say that the Internet portal combines various information from many sources in one place.

  • Online store

It helps to significantly increase the number of customers by offering the possibility of remote ordering and delivery of goods to the specified address. Such a trading platform does not have a specific purpose for goods and is capable of accepting applications and payments for goods around the clock. The most important thing when creating a site is to ensure high-quality navigation and site functionality.

  • Blog

Such a resource allows the organization to quickly exchange ideas and information, as well as attract new visitors. Blogging is a reliable way to build an audience around your brand. For blogging, first of all, the quality and volume of articles are important, where topics that interest your target audience are fully disclosed.

  • Wiki site

A good example of this type of site would be Wikipedia. It is based on the fact that absolutely everyone has the right to change the page, add and correct the content of articles. A fairly convenient platform if you want to work in a team, create online content together.

  • Social platform

It should be noted right away that this is a large-scale, complex and expensive resource, which in turn brings not only significant income to the owners, but also provides a permanent audience of visitors. There are various types of such sites: social networks, forums, blogs, as well as personal pages. We can confidently say that all of the above is the backbone for successful social media marketing. The key functions include the exchange of images, videos, as well as the exchange of information between users.

Choose a site that meets your goals and expectations, and remember that the resource
needed as an auxiliary tool to promote your business!


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