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How to order a website in our web studio. Stages of development of our projects.

The website is the end point of our collaboration with the customer. On average, 5 professionals work on each of our projects: designer, coder, programmer, SEO specialist, content manager. The cost of creating a site primarily depends on the required indicators, namely on what goals are set for the site. Outwardly beautiful, easy to navigate, optimized for search engines, adaptive – these points have long become indisputable axioms when creating any modern site.

Stages of creating a site in LengMeng

Website development is a multi-stage process that requires maximum interaction of all its members. For a more convenient understanding, here are the main stages that the site goes through before launch:

  • Completing the terms of reference – the client will fill out a brief for the development of the site, within the framework of this brief, the site is subsequently created. This document contains all the information that will be used in the execution of the project.
  • Layout development.
  • Layout
  • Transfer to admin panel
  • Internal website optimization
  • Testing and launch
  • Website usage training

Creation of sites in Kharkiv may include further maintenance of the website, as well as conducting and setting up advertising campaigns.

Why it is worth ordering a site

The basic purpose of the site is continuous operation to fulfill the goals set by the client, therefore it is recommended to order the creation of sites in Kharkov, first of all, to improve the company’s image, attract potential buyers and, as a result, increase sales.

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