19.01.2022 Автор: LengMeng

How to get a prestigious website?

What should a modern site look like? What is relevant in use, and what is outdated – this is exactly the topic we will discuss in this article.

When developing a web resource, there are certain rules that are the foundation for a high-quality and working resource. An important role is played as a visual component, but also correctness in construction. A huge number of links to other resources, advertising between blocks of important content, many counters and constant exclamation marks inside the text – have a bad effect on the image of the site owners.

We will talk about the basic rules of web design and important elements of the page.


1. Download speed

It happens that the designer just got carried away and got carried away with graphic experiments, that he simply forgot about the good speed of the resource. How is it all connected? Very simply, heavy site elements, such as: widgets, animation, video – significantly slow down the web resource. And here a huge problem already arises, because according to statistics, 70% of users will immediately leave the site in search of a more efficient one, and only 30% of customers will wait for a full load. Not everyone has the patience, and more importantly the time, to wait for the site to finally go live.

However, without graphic elements, nowhere, because it will make your site empty, simple and not interesting for users. Therefore, we advise you to stick to the middle ground and choose lighter graphics, in moderation.

2. Usability

There is a so-called rule of three clicks, the visitor must get to the desired product in just a few clicks. No matter how beautiful and modern your site would be, but its value is lost in the absence of convenience for the visitor when working with it.

  • Most importantly, every site must have a window for searching for products in order to facilitate the search for the client and find the right product in a matter of seconds.
  • There should be a basket in the upper right corner so that the user does not look for it inside the site, making a lot of fraud.

Of course, the site can work in the absence of these parts, but the likelihood that the client will leave the site is very high. After all, we all want a quick result, without wasting time looking for one or another department.

3. Modern background

Aesthetic minimalism is in fashion now. When ordering a site, the client wants to see the result, and understand where and what his resources went to, but this does not mean that the site should be strewn with a golden pattern, or a three-story design, leaving not a single empty space on the page.

Rather, on the contrary, the site should seem spacious and light, “breathe” and at the same time have everything you need. The contrast of design elements looks comfortable, expensive and beautiful, because it does not distract attention from the main concept and purpose of the resource.

4. Palette

It’s no secret that using flashy tones is bad form. Intense green, red, yellow and other acidic shades are far from popular and relevant for web resources. Our studio suggests making a choice towards a more calm palette. Pastel has been holding a leading position for a long time, because it definitely has a calming effect, betrays a soft and warm atmosphere to the site. Pastel colors can be used not only as the main ones, but also as complementary ones, without overloading the site, because they have a pretty good contrast.

Do not underestimate the calm shades, because it is they, in a harmonious combination, that can give brightness and richness to the site.

5. Visualization

Do not overdo it with the text content of the site, because the client will simply get bored. Where possible, try to use animated elements, such as 3D graphics. This type of visualization will not only interest visitors, but also give exclusivity to the resource. Moreover, such elements as: menu items, various buttons and objects must be animated, for the convenience of your customers.

We talked only about the main components for obtaining the ideal resource. A prestigious site should be built taking into account the slightest nuances, the desire of the client and modern design trends!

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