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Which websites are suitable for WordPress development?

WordPress is a platform that allows you to publish content and manage a website without any programming knowledge. The system is ideal for developing small sites: portals, landing pages, business cards, and for large-scale resources in the form of online stores.

  • It is worth noting that today, this is one of the most popular and sought-after systems aimed at managing content. The scope of WordPress is quite extensive, you can manage personal blogs, news resources, because with its help both simple and complex solutions are implemented.

A huge plus of this system, of course, is its simplicity, comfort in use, and also free of charge. Initially, WordPress was aimed at small sites, but soon began to be used as an engine for larger ones. Inside the platform, you will find many templates for every taste, open for free access and more interesting – paid ones.

Advantages of sites developed on WordPress:

  • Wide functionality

You have the opportunity to create not only a blog or information resource, but also the largest platform, using all the features of this CMS.

  • Financial savings

Since the system is freely available, you can save a lot of money.

  • Optimization

In order to raise the position in the search results, unique content is published on the site, within which keywords are attributed

  • Choice in design

There is a suitable solution for any project, you can choose a ready-made template or develop an individual one.

  • Convenient management

You will not have any difficulties with uploading photos, new content and adding articles to the site, because the admin panel is convenient and understandable enough.

Types of websites you can create with WordPress:

  • Blog

Since the platform was originally aimed exclusively at creating blogs, even now it remains one of the best solutions. Although WordPress has gotten rid of this stigma, the system is still the most popular tool for creating this type of site.

  • Business website

It is worth noting that global companies prefer to work on WordPress! Disney, Mercedes-Benz and other corporate sites use this engine. Therefore, you can absolutely be sure of the quality work of CMS for business platforms.

  • Social network

If you decide to compete with the most famous social networks and want to create your own Twitter or Instagram, but at the same time you are not strong in programming, then WordPress in conjunction with BuddyPress will definitely solve your problem.

  • News site

Here you need the work of WordPress + Largo. With the software platform template, you can create your own news portal in just a couple of hours, complete with a responsive design and a complete set of publishing tools.

  • Online store

Since the original purpose of this CMS was for smaller sites, you should not expect much from creating an online store. Of course, the engine is very easy to use and in theory you can create a large-scale resource, but we advise you to use platforms designed specifically for a narrow task.

If you decide to rely on the WordPress engine, then be sure to use the WooCommerce plugin, and then you will get a fairly fast, functional and secure resource that can compete with an online store created on OpenCard.

  • Bulletin board

Thanks to the WPAdverts plugin, you can easily create an online board with easy navigation and a theme that suits you.

  • Forum

This type of site gained its popularity a long time ago, at that time the engines had just begun to develop, but despite this, it was able to maintain its demand. Now to create a forum you need the bbPress plugin and some originality.

Thanks to the developers of various plugins, this CMS has the ability to build a site of any type and scale. And most importantly, the creation is so simple that even a user without any programming knowledge can do it!

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