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What to choose for the site: template or unique design?

There are many businesses that do not focus on the uniqueness of the product, it is important for them just to be represented on the Internet. Of course, using a template design will save you a lot of resources, but if you see an identical site from another company, don’t be surprised)

In this article, we will help you figure out who can fit a standard design, and in what cases it would be preferable and profitable to create your own.

Making a choice is quite simple, it all depends on the tasks that the site should perform and on the functionality of the site. The template is perfect for small resources, such as a business card site or a landing page, but if you want a full-fledged and long-term site, invest in it to the maximum.

A typical design is fast and cheap, while an exclusive one is long and expensive, but EFFECTIVE!

Unique design

A unique design is created in order to increase brand awareness, emphasize the corporate identity of the company, outperform competitors and stand out among them.

If you decide to develop your own style, an experienced web studio will help you. Registration will be described in detail in the terms of reference, taking into account the type of activity of your company. It will clearly spell out all the wishes and requirements of the client so that, as a result, you get a quality job. A huge advantage of this approach is the creation of a style from scratch, because then the design fully reflects your goals and is built taking into account the wishes of your target audience.

Benefits of a unique design:

  • The implementation of any design – you can come up with a style for the design of the site, choose a color scheme, develop a unique image.
  • Creating a brand reputation – thanks to the uniqueness of the resource, you can easily outperform competitors and gain customer recognition, thereby increasing business awareness.
  • No restrictions on functionality – since a team of professionals will work on creating a design for your company, the content will be at the highest level.
  • Not only a beautiful design is created, but also effectively worked out structural elements of the page.


  • Large-scale financial and time costs – due to the fact that not only the designer, but also a team of other specialists work on the resource, it will take a lot of time, and the price tag for such a project will increase significantly. Sometimes, its price can occupy a large part of the cost of the entire contract.
  • Constant improvements – in order for your site to function without any problems in the future, you need to work on analyzing the compatibility of elements on the page, as well as check the site for bugs and other possible problems.

Template design

The peculiarity of the finished template is that it is not developed specifically for your needs and the specifics of the page, but simply bought or even downloaded from various sites or so-called banks on the Internet.

What is included in the template?

When creating such a model, all important design components are covered: graphic
content, animation, images, special files, structure development and much more.

Very often you can hear that template design is completely ineffective and can ruin your site. Although, in fact, for some sites – this can be a great solution and help in further business development. The most important thing is to analyze your requests with the possibilities provided by template design, if you are satisfied with all the nuances, the choice is obvious.


  • Cost – do not hide that this type of design will cost the customer much cheaper
    unique. If you have a limited budget, and the site will be presented for the first time in
  • Internet – then, this is the ideal solution.
  • Saving time – naturally, if you want to focus not on quality, but on
    speed of execution – a template design will significantly reduce the execution time.
  • Rapid adaptation is a significant positive argument in favor of the template
    design is its instant introduction into the work of the resource. Once you get access
    to the layout, then you will immediately be able to install it on the site. You won’t need
    test and analyze the quality of work and check for bugs, everything is already done for you.

In addition, a fairly large selection of templates is offered, so you can choose the most suitable option, taking into account the scope of the company.



  • Design limitations – unfortunately, no significant changes can be made to the template, since editing is closed in most cases. So, it is almost impossible to build your own style of the company into it, so you have to be content with the finished work.
  • Identity with other sites – a lot of beginners prefer to work with templates, which means that the number of identical sites is quite large, so do not be surprised if you meet a duplicate of your site on the Internet.
  • Paid functionality – even for ready-made templates you have to pay. Sometimes, on this, investments do not end there and a pleasant surprise awaits you in buying a professional version of the template, for the possibility of at least the slightest editing of the resource.
  • Embedded links – it also happens that the developers have hidden the URL from their eyes, but it is worth paying considerable attention to the analysis of the site, to dubious links, as an unpleasant situation can happen. If the link leads to a low-quality site, then you may expect a loss of positions in the search results of the system.

So what to choose?

If you already have a fairly stable business that is profitable and full of customers, then it is better to opt for uniqueness in order to maintain the brand.

A template option is ideal for beginners when finances are significantly small and there is no risk of losing the brand image among buyers.

In general, everything is very individual, to make the right decision, all possible factors are taken into account: from the type of site to adaptation and content.

For a more detailed analysis, please contact our web studio for help!


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