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What is hosting and domain? Why do they need a site?

What is hosting?

To begin with, hosting is a paid service provided by hosting providers. They make sure that your site is available to users at any time.

The payment includes the rent of a place on the server and its capacities. Hosting is needed in order to monitor the site and manage files in round-the-clock access, and hosted resources can be: images, videos, documents, individual programs, etc.

Can you host on your own computer?

No one forbids hosting a site on any computer, so, in principle, it is quite possible, but in this case, you will have to keep the computer on all the time and monitor the load and power outages yourself. We would like to note that such a solution will be very costly both in terms of finances and time, since not everyone
able to organize stable and stable operation of the equipment.

The ordered service from professional hosting providers will provide your site with: reliability, constant availability, professional technical support, and in addition a powerful server.

On the hosting you can store: all information from your email, application files and the site with all its content.

Hosting types

● Shared hosting
Such hosting is also called shared, due to the fact that all sites share resources among themselves and work on the same server. For customers, this is the best option, because all software settings have already been completed.

● Virtual server
The client is completely allocated a virtual server with all its rights, which means you can install any software there.

● Dedicated server
The client gets full access to the management of the software components of the resource, without any restrictions. This option is characterized by high power and allows you to store sites of any complexity.

● Cloud hosting
This type of web hosting uses multiple servers in order to distribute the load and make it as stable and long-term as possible. Ordering such a service protects your resource by 100%, because even when failures occur and one of the servers goes down, it automatically reconnects to another, and everything continues.

● Colocation
In other words, we can call this type of hosting – physical, its essence lies in the fact that you yourself choose a data center and install a server there. Also, you have the choice of software and hardware. This type of hosting is considered the most popular in the world.

Thanks to such a number of proposed providers, each site owner will be able to find the best option for himself and choose hosting based on the scale of the project!


A domain is a symbolic code, the online address of a site that shows the location of the site on the Internet. The task of a domain name is to make it easier to remember the site address, to make it understandable for a person to read and understand.

What are the levels?

Domains are hierarchical and contain levels separated by dots. Each next level is subordinate to the previous one, and the combination of levels makes up a fully qualified domain name, in other words, a unique site address on the network. It is worth noting that there is a domain of the first, second, third and fourth levels.

Domain zones

  • National – this is a zone dedicated to a specific country, which is used mainly for sites aimed at a specific region.
  • International – suitable for an international platform focused on a wide audience.
  • Thematic – will help emphasize the theme of the site, as well as focus on the focus of the resource.

A domain is an important element of a business at any stage, it will help attract buyers, beat competitors and emphasize your individuality.

Get serious about designing and create a name that customers will remember!

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