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Basic SEO when building a website

SEO friendly site

Most people have not even heard of such a component of the site as SEO-promotion. What is it for, how will it help the site develop, attract people and increase sales? In this article, we will talk about all the privileges that your site will receive from site optimization.

What is SEO?

SEO optimization is a complex of different methods that helps to raise the site as high as possible in the search engine rankings.

Let’s look at an example of how such a promotion works. Let’s say you want to take your business to the next level and provide it with a reliable and high-quality website. Your first action – you go to a search engine, for example, Google and drive in something like: “Order a turnkey website Ukraine.” This is where SEO comes in.

In order for the client to see your site on the first line, you need to properly
work with the text content of the page.

What are the types of promotion?

  • Internal

It touches upon such aspects as: optimization of the structure and content of the site, clear design, easy navigation. One of the key tasks is the correct and orderly selection of search words and phrases that characterize the company’s field of activity or describe a product or service. It is thanks to the well-developed structure that the site confidently rises in the search results.

  • External

For the second type of promotion, more time is devoted to the link profile. You need to be able to work with backlinks to effectively rank a site in search engines, in other words, to sort a resource in search results. You will have to work on articles and videos that will be useful and interesting to your visitors.Placing links in the media and disseminating through various forums and blogs.

Promotion methods:

White Hat SEO – this is an absolutely legal and welcome way, because all the rules of search algorithms are observed here and considerable attention is paid to the convenience and safety of the visitor.

Black –implies the use of prohibited promotion methods, such as: payment for activity, winding up a behavioral factor on the site, creating pages for certain keywords, etc. That is, the use of anything that violates the rules of search engines.

Myths about SEO

  • SEO is easy and fast

We want to disappoint you, but this is far from the case! You can’t do everything in a day or two and immediately get feedback. Optimization is a very long and carefully worked out process, on which a further influx of traffic depends. We advise you to be patient, because the result does not come immediately, but for a noticeable increase in indicators, you can wait from half a year or more.

  • Ensuring guarantees

The most interesting thing is that no one, absolutely no one, can influence the work of search operations. There is such a rapid improvement of the system that no experienced specialist can promise a 100% result.

  • The more pages on the site, the better

This is also a very stupid misconception, for the quality promotion of the site you do not need a large number of pages, because the result does not depend on the scale at all, but on the quality of the posted information.

  • Updates will harm the site

Rather, on the contrary) Even minor changes in the content will positively affect the further promotion of the resource.

Even if you make the slightest changes that will not be noticeable to users, the system will perceive such an action as a continuous improvement of the resource. A few new words in the text or
new illustrations will provide additional rating points.

It is thanks to SEO promotion that you can increase the lead of your resource and make a significant contribution to your market leadership. Do not miss the opportunity to increase the interest of visitors and improve the quality of site performance.

Remember that even if your site has reached the maximum heights, you don’t need to relax, because you can lose a position in a day, and returning to the top is much longer and more difficult. Without regular content updates and keeping track of current changes, you can easily give up your place to competitors.


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